I am an expat and I attended a two-weeks Survival course as soon as I arrived in Rio because I wanted to feel myself more confident on my daily activities around the city. After the first week I realised that I was able to ask for medications at the local pharmacy, ordering simple food at the restaurant, giving correct indications at the taxi driver: that’s was exactly what I was looking for!!

Lessons are focused on speaking (and speaking and speaking!!) and let me say that this is really funny, involving and effective! You do learn with a very good pace accelerating day by day. The enthusiasm of our teacher Roberta is contagious and genuine Carioca, Marcia and Mari welcome you with their smile every day and they all speak English too: this is essential when you approach the school for the first time.
I will definitely undertake the Elementary course too!!
A big “thank you” to all the staff!!