The course is intended for those whose number one goal is to speak Portuguese. The other skills will come later, as a result of the speaking skills. At Português Carioca students will be able to communicate in different situations.

Our methodology is based on automation, meaning that the students automatize the use of lexical items and sentence patterns and structures, especially lexicalized grammar, so that they can then concentrate their effort where it is needed most, in comprehending and communicating clearly. During the process of learning at our Portuguese school for foreigners students will have 90% of guided drills in class plus 10% of written/extra exercises, which can be assigned or not as homework, and corrected on the following class orally. Our students work in an environment that inspires confidence through in-class activities, including role-play and group work. We encourage students to become little cariocas by making them speak a lot!

Student Reviews

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