Our assessment test is designed to give students and teachers of Portuguese a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of Portuguese Speaking and listening skills as well as grammar and usage. Since the methodology used at our school focuses on Speaking, it is natural that our assessment test is ORAL. The test is composed of approximately 300 questions based on our 4 levels. The test goes to Elementary questions until the Advanced ones. It should take between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the student’s performance. The test is over when the student has difficulties to go further answering the questions at a certain point of it. It takes up to 2 to 4 days for the student to get the result of the test. Then based on it, the student will EITHER have to go through a tailormade program(some hours of private lessons) in order to see the mistakes together with the teacher and after he completes it, he will start from the level he assessed on the test OR he will jump straight into the level.

***The Assessment test is a benefit for both the student who takes it and for the school. This way the student will feel comfortable on the level he assessed, especially if he/she goes for a group class. It’s always a benefit for the student if he knows a little more than the class he will go to than less, so that the student feels confident and motivated, besides being active in the group.

***The test is free of cost.

***The test must be done at the school if the student is in Rio or ONLINE (Skype or Facetime) if the student is abroad. Getting ready for our Assessment test

Here are some tips that may be helpful during the assessment test

1- Avoid answering the questions quickly;

2- Avoid short answers, unless it is required by the examiner;

3- Remember to study Verbal Tenses and their correct adverbs;

4- Study prepositions;