It’s recommended to the tourists who want to combine part-time study and vacation in Rio in a short time (30 hours).
The goal of the course is to help students communicate the everyday situations a tourist encounters while on vacation in Brazil.
The book used in class is divided into 10 effective lessons designed to help the student communicate in Portuguese during his/her staying in Rio as a tourist. The lessons bring up real situations in short dialogs: greetings, taking a taxi, dealing with laundry, exchanging currency, answering the doorbell, ordering food, shopping, asking for directions , spending time at the beach, making an appointment, telling time, speaking to a travel agency, talking to the pharmacist. At the end of the course the students will be able to comunicate in the situations mentioned above.
Remember: This course is recommended for those who wish to acquire basic knowledge of Portuguese to “survive” in Brazil during vacation. Therefore, the oral skills of the language are limited to the topics used in the book.

Student Reviews

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