While our Regular Course is a complete course in itself, you can add a number of supplementary courses to a General Portuguese course and have lessons in the afternoon and evening as well.

A) Phonetics & Pronunciation Course for Spanish Speakers
B) Fluency classes
C) Tailormade Classes
D) Supplementary classes
E) Make up classes

Phonetics & Pronunciation Course for Spanish Speakers

Spanish Speakers at Português Carioca

False beginners – That’s how we call those students who are fluent in Spanish. They have almost no difficulties in understanding what is said by the teacher during the Portuguese classes, as both languages are quite similar grammatically. Though, when it comes to the speaking part, they mix Portuguese with Spanish and it their Portuguese becomes what we call “Portunhol”. Even though, we don’t have special groups for Spanish speakers, as we would like them to socialize by meeting people from different nationalities than Latin language-based countries, so that they can try to practice Portuguese in order to communicate with their schoolmates instead of speaking Spanish out of the class environment.

Here are the main points to observe in a Spanish speaker:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. False cognates
  3. Verbs
  4. Accentuation

When Spanish speakers come to our school, we do the following:

  • We offer them an assessment test, so that they can jump into a group class that is in progress or even have one-to-one classes if they like to. Some students prefer just to start from the very beginning;
  • Then we tailor some private classes, so that they will feel comfortable on the level they will be placed on avoiding, this way, those common mistakes Spanish speakers usually make due to the similarities between the two languages;
  • After that, they will have to follow our Phonetics Program for Spanish Speakers(12 hours);
  • Then the student will be ready to join any of our classes based on the assessment test.

Fluency classes

Fluency classes – Is it difficult for you to start a conversation or  find the right words when communicating in Portuguese? Do you know how to start and end conversations in a proper way? Do you want to learn more about Brazilian culture? Do you want to speak as fast as Cariocas do? -If so, you’ve come to the right course!

About the classes

  • Develop conversational Portuguese skills
  • Listen to dialogues and group discussions to better understand spoken Portuguese in different contexts
  • Learn key words and expressions used by Brazilians
  • Engage in activities to help you better understand the meaning of conversations
  • Learn to initiate your own conversations in Portuguese on a variety of topics
  • Socialize and interact with different people in the same situation

Tailormade Classes

Tailormade Classes – The coordinator and the teacher tailor classes to meet the student’s specific needs in order to reach his/her goals. They are tailored in two different situations:

1)  If the student takes an assessment test with us and wants to join one of our groups or take private lessons;

2)  If the student has already some basic knowledge of Portuguese and wants to study specific topics;

About the classes

  • Our Tailormade classes can be in group, one-to-one or semi-private.
  • Classes can be at the school (afternoon and evening) OR at the student’s residence or office at any time of the day
  • The student has undivided attention to progress faster
  • The teacher will monitor the student’s progress as well as give a feedback about it, so that the student will feel encouraged to progress at a fast pace, besides ensuring that the student will  always be on target to meet his/her targets.
  • As our focus is on Speaking, we will also help the student improve his/her pronunciation skills.

Supplementary classes

Supplementary/Remedial classes – Students at our school – (Supplemental program) Although the course at our school is really efficient; There will always be one or two students who will show more difficulties in some skills of the language than the others during the classes. In order to enhance those students’ level of Portuguese skills, we help them by serving their individual needs through our REMEDIAL CLASSES which can be either grammar, reading, listening, writing, pronouncing or speaking. This way, those students won’t feel left behind.

Non-Students – (Compensatory program) The aim of this program is to help students overcome learning problems and increase academic achievements. It also requires involvement of the student school teacher ( in case the student learns Portuguese in a different school than Português Carioca), and parents, if necessary.

About the classes

  • The teacher will prepare a Supplemental program in accordance with the student(s)’s needs
  • The teacher will be in contact with the student’s teacher (for Non-students)
  • The teacher will prepare extra material, if necessary
  • The teacher will ensure that the student feels self- confidence while learning
  • The classes are proven to be both effective and beneficial by helping students improving their overall Portuguese competence.

Make up classes

Make up classes – Aimed at those who missed classes, and would like the class to be repeated by the teacher. (ONLY FOR STUDENTS)