I highly recommend the language program of Português Carioca because the focus is on speaking. Most of us expatriates are only here in Rio for a couple of years and what we really want and need is to be able to communicate verbally with the locals.  Professora Marcia teaches you to sound like a Carioca. She has a very energetic teaching style that encourages her students to learn the language. No English is spoken in her class, but she is able to communicate in very creative and entertaining methods. The book is extremely helpful for the little time spent reading and writing. In the 2nd week of class we did four tenses at once (present, past, present continuous, future) and it made complete sense! I have lived in Rio for 1 year. Initially I studied Portuguese with a private tutor.  Without a doubt I have learned more in the first 3 weeks of her course than I did in the 3 months of private lessons.  Now I am more comfortable talking with the Porteiros and vegetable market vendors…and they understand me. Thank you Marcia!!!