Curso Avançado – Nesse nível, espera-se que os alunos já tenham adquirido todas as habilidades gramaticais básicas e que sejam capazes de usar a língua em um contexto cultural mais amplo. Os alunos de nível avançado entendem as ideias principais de textos complexos sobre diversos assuntos e podem se comunicar sobre inúmeros assuntos mais complexos, como a personalidade, comunicação e mídia, cultura etc. Eles aprendem a voz passiva, o discurso direto e indireto, etc. Após o término desse curso, os alunos conseguirão falar português fluente em todas as situações. Incentivamos os alunos a praticar português sempre que puderem para melhorar as capacidades linguísticas estudadas, pois para que o processo de aprendizado seja completo é necessário praticar constantemente.

Meet Other Courses:

The Elementary course – It will introduce students to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The Pre-Intermediate course– It will further develop vocabulary, and introduce students to more complex sentence structure and higher level grammatical skills focusing on speaking.

The Intermediate course– The main objective of this course is to enhance the students’ abilities to converse freely on a variety of topics such as work, travelling, study, leisure time, etc.

The Survival Course – Portuguese’n Vacation for tourists on short vacation in Rio or even for Newcomers;

The In-Company Course which is our regular course at your company which can be one -to- one or in groups; The students learn business vocabulary when they are in the Pre-Intermediate level;

Carioquinha Kids – for kids between 6 – 11 years old. Kids learn to speak Portuguese with a focus on the oral skill in a natural way (learn by doing). We offer a complimentary class for your child, so that both the parents and the child can see our methodology in action.)

Online Course (LIVE / REAL TIME) is for those who live in/outside Brazil and would like to learn Portuguese in the Carioca way. During the Online classes our students can learn Portuguese as if they were in one of our classes! Sign up to our Online course today and speak Português Carioca NOW!

***The complete course at Português Carioca lasts for 190 hours. Our classes can be 1h15 min , 1h30 min or 2h long. The course will be shorter or longer than 190 hours depending on this choice.